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Roar | Superbook



  • Road to Damascus | Superbook

    When a delinquent teen enters Chris and Joy’s lives, they don’t see any chance of him changing his ways. However, Superbook takes our heroes on a journey where they encounter the sinister Saul of Tarsus. Through experiencing Saul's dramatic life change, the kids return home with a renewed hope th...

  • Revelation | Superbook

    After Chris accidentally burns down his family's home, he is sure that there is no forgiveness for such a big mistake! Superbook takes Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to witness the end of days. Through this experience, he discovers the greatness of God’s forgiveness and restoration. (Revelation 19:11)

  • Rehab and Walls of Jericho | Superbook

    At school, Joy is not getting along with Becky. Suddenly, Superbook sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to a time where Israelite spies team up with Rahab. (Joshua 6:27)