Prayers and Proclamations

Prayers and Proclamations

Prayers and Proclamations
  • Prayers & Proclamations | Trailer

  • Prayer For Divine Outcome | Prayers and Proclamations

    Corona Virus does not know gender, age, race or status. We are all in this together and we will win together in the name of Jesus. Archbishop asks to keep speaking the world of God so we can experience a divine outcome. These are times where we must stand strong in prayer. No family member or lov...

  • Prayer Against Misfortune | Prayers & Proclamations

    We are all burdened with personal misfortunes. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams shows us that in order to overcome these misfortunes, it is necessary to pray to God for strength and guidance.

  • Protection for Your Children | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams prays hope-filled and powerful prayers over parents and their children. If you are a mother or father, join in prayers against death and curses from the enemy, and proclaim a season of rest.

  • Spiritual and Physical Sight | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams prays a necessary prayer against attack on our spiritual and physical sight. May the Lord let every darkness over our eyes be removed and replaced by light and revelation.

  • The Spirit of the Living God | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams calls on the Spirit of the living God to move and touch every man and woman across the world. Join in prayer and seek the Lord to illuminate our eyes and give us understanding.

  • Prayers Against Stubborn Situations | Prayers & Proclamations

    In this mighty prayer, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams declares by divine authority that something will shift in your life. The enemy will be stripped and denied of any advantage over you, and every stubborn situation in your life shall bow at the name of Jesus.

  • Prayers for the Nation | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams cries out to God to breathe upon us a fresh breath that we may live and come alive again! Seek the Lord with us, asking the dark clouds that have covered the nation be lifted in the name of Jesus.

  • Prayers for Favor from God | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams prays that harvest and increase would be released while yolks are destroyed. Join him in proclaiming new beginnings over your life, declaring that everything the devil meant for evil is turning around for your good.

  • Prayers for Traveling Mercies | Prayers & Proclamations

    Every safe trip is a blessing from God! If you are a traveler, call on the ministering angels to cover you. May you be protected and kept from harms way. Rebuke eminent dangers that may be lurking during your journey in the name of Jesus!

  • Prayer Against Infirmities | Prayers & Proclamations

    We serve a God of healing! Arrest every sickness and infirmity in any part of your body. May every spirit of affliction be interrupted and any sickness that has attacked your family to take away your peace and joy peace be intercepted. If you are experiencing any sickness, pray this mighty prayer...

  • Prayer for Covering | Prayers & Proclamations

    The Bible says,"Thou has covered my head in the day of battle." Seek the Lord and plead with Him the cover your head, your house, and the nation! Rebuke the attacks and schemes of the enemy in the name of Jesus.

  • Prayer for Divine Vindication | Prayers & Proclamations

    Let there be divine recoveries! Proclaim that chains will be broken, yokes will be destroyed and burdens will be lifted. God will do a new thing! Join Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams in this powerful prayer.

  • Prayer for Your Thoughts and Emotions | Prayers & Proclamations

    The way we think and what we feel significantly impacts our day to day life. Surrender all of your thought patterns and emotions to the ways of the Lord, rebuking the whispers of the enemy. Join Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams for this powerful prayer!

  • Prayer for Divine Escape | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams declares that any hand holding what is yours will be released. Any blessing, testimony, joy, peace or miracle that belongs to you will be set free, and anyone appointed to die by the enemy will live. Speak these powerful prayers over your life!

  • I Declare a Resurrection | Prayers & Proclamations

    Declare resurrections in every area of your life and command deliverance from the snare of the enemy. Archbishop Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams leads proclamations of these truths over everyone connected to your house!

  • Prayers for Financial Breakthrough | Prayers & Proclamations

    Financial hardship is one of the most common issues people face. If you're struggling with finances, know that you are not alone. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams leads us in a prayer that should remind us to strengthen our trust in God during a financial struggle and call on Him for a breakth...

  • Override the Spirit of Heaviness | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams reminds us that in the moments where heaviness tries to wear us down and take the place of God's spirit, we have to remember to put on the garment of praise.

  • Prayers for Generational Blessings | Prayers & Proclamations

    Receive the courtesy of Abrahamic blessings and may it travel from you to your next generation.

  • Prayer Against Wicked Men and Women | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams lifts us up in prayer to remind us that the wicked intentions of men and women will not stop our progress.

  • Prayer Against the Spirit of Oppression and Depression | Prayers & Proclamations

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams offers prayer for anyone suffering from depression.