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  • Jesus Is Being Removed From The Gospel

    Pastor Toufik Benedictus "Benny" Hinn is an Israeli televangelist, best known for his regular "Miracle Crusades"
    In this special clip, he explains the reason why the current generation of men and women of God are struggling to have a strong relationship with God.

  • Empowered for Purpose Panel | 2018 Women Arise Conference

    First Lady Rosa Whitaker moderates a panel of esteemed women as they discuss marriage, building your home and family, and chasing your purpose. Glean from the wisdom shared in this forum of diverse women!

    (From the 2018 Women Arise Conference)

  • Do Not be Afraid To Lead - Elizabeth Elango Bintliff - CEO, JA Africa

    Elizabeth Elango Bintliff is the President and CEO of JA Africa, an organization engaging in entrepreneurship education, financial literacy, and workforce readiness for youth and working in 14 countries in Africa.

    She started the University when she was 16 years old! In this episode, she talks ...

  • Kingdom Street Karaoke - Episode 1

  • Faith and a Billionaire's Journey with Mrs. Folorunso Alakija

    Mrs. Folorunso Alakija is among Africa’s top business leaders and philanthropists. She is the Vice Chair of Famfa Oil, Managing Director of the Rose of Sharon Group, and Pastor of the Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministry International. Lady Rosa Whitaker leads this engaging and insightful conversatio...

  • From Secular Music to Gospel Music - Irene Logan/Ghanaian-Liberian Gospel Artist

    Irene Logan is a Ghanaian-based Liberian songwriter who tells stories picked up through journeys of life. Her type of music is a soulful portrayal of the sounds of Africa.

    Irene Logan's music is generally inspired by the diversity of Africa, as she was born in Liberia and bred in Ghana; thereby ...

  • Wait For The Right Husband - Gifty Anti / Ghanaian Broadcaster

    Gifty Anti is a Ghanaian journalist and broadcaster. She is the host of the Standpoint programme; which discusses issues affecting women on Ghana Television

    In this special episode of Inspire, She sits with Ghanaian Actress Ama K Abebrese and opens up about her career struggles, her stand as a f...

  • He Was Addicted To Cocaine - Timothy Bentum - Ghanaian Actor and Preacher

    Timothy Bentum is a renowned Actor, Presenter, Voice Over Artist, Producer, Director and Preacher. He is also the founder of Timothy Benturm Ministries (TBM). Having overcome near-crippling life circumstances due to an addiction to cocaine for 17 years, he has become an instrumental blessing to a...

  • Healing People Through Songs- Simiane Brahy - French Gospel Artist

    She speaks French. At 5 years old, God told her that she will heal people in Africa through songs. Today she moves the crowd, sings in many different African languages, and connects to the heart of people.
    This is an inspiring story of Faith and walking in purpose.

    Simiane Brahy popularly known...

  • Reverend Azigiza Junior | INSPIRE

    He was nominated Africa Number 1 DJ in the 19s. He was a passionate musician and was invited to clubs and events to entertain audiences. How did he become a reverend? How did God touch his heart? What were his struggles?

    Rev Azigiza Junior talks about his born-again story on this episode of INSP...

  • Isobel Afful-Mensah - Gender Based Violence Advocate | Inspire

    In Ghana, 1 in 3 women has experienced gender violence which includes rape, financial, and emotional violence. This has led to an increase in mental health illnesses. These women are afraid to speak up because of shame. So what is being done about it here in Ghana?

    In this episode of Inspire, Is...

  • Prince Kofi Amoabeng | INSPIRE

    Prince Kofi Amoabeng is a Ghanaian businessman and a former military officer of the Ghanaian Armed Forces. He was a co-founder of UT Bank which collapsed in 2017 during Ghana's banking crisis and amid allegations that he had misappropriated funds from the bank.

    In this special episode of INSPIRE...

  • Uncle Ebo Whyte- Ghanaian Playwright | Inspire

    Uncle Ebo Whyte is a Ghanaian playwright, author, and motivational speaker. He is the creative head and lead writer at Roverman productions and has written over 42 plays for the stage.
    In this new episode of Inspire, He opens up about his wife and the fact that they have never been able to have ...

  • Joe Mettle - Renowned Gospel Singer | Inspire

    In this episode of Inspire, Ghanaian Actress Ama Abebrese sits with Renowned Gospel Singer Joe Mettle. They discuss the backlash of success, how important it is to embrace criticism, and how difficult it is to succeed at doing the opposite of what God called you to do.

    Joseph Oscar Nii Armah M...

  • Salvation Must Be Earned Daily

    Pastor Toufik Benedictus "Benny" Hinn is an Israeli televangelist, best known for his regular "Miracle Crusades"
    In this clip, he touches on the dangerous effect of listening to motivational messages that do not include Jesus. He stresses on the fact that living life without God as the focus is a...

  • Deliverance in the Midst of the Storm | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams addresses the challenging matter of affliction in this powerful word. Many believers struggle to understand how or why they are experiencing affliction and fail to recognize it as a test that reveals our level of faith. This impactful message will assure you th...

  • Be Careful What You Hear and How You Hear | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    What you hear forms your perception of who God is, who others are, and what life is all about. Your perception determines the decisions you make, which determine the outcomes and circumstances you will find yourself in. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams charges believers to starve their doubts ...

  • Providence and Destiny: The Life of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams.

    The impact and inspiration of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams are immeasurable. His journey from the roughest parts of Ghana, West Africa to becoming a global force for God and humanity is loaded with biblical insights, human tragedies, dilemmas, and a powerful demonstration of God’s providen...

  • From Victim of Domestic Violence to Victor in Christ | Amazing Grace

    Dolciebella Elliot talks about her journey through a turbulent and abusive marriage, being arrested on the charge of kidnapping her own child, dealing with bouts of depression, and experiencing homelessness. Through it all, God's amazing grace shined. Though it seemed unlikely, she truly became t...

  • He found God when his heart stopped | Fueled by Faith

    A pastor's kid, former footballer, and entrepreneur who almost died playing the game he loved, Tobi Alabi faced dark seasons, but ultimately found his calling from God when his heart stopped while playing football. Listen to his powerful story.

  • Thriving in a Media Storm: A Panel on Crisis Communication and Intervention

    Communication experts and business leaders Joel Netty, Rosa Whitaker, and Isha Sesay sit on this special panel to discuss best practices for managing media crises without leaving permanent damage to your brand.

    (From the 2019 Africa Business and Kingdom Leadership Summit)

  • The Leadership Conversation with Bishop T.D. Jakes

    Who knows the leadership conversation better than Bishop T.D. Jakes? Learn from this dynamic leader as he tackles business, lifestyle, money, and how to take your purpose from potential to tangible progress.

    (From the 2019 Africa Business and Kingdom Leadership Summit)

  • Episode 6 | Do You Know Your Bible?

    The answers Pastor D gets in this round of Do You Know Your Bible? might surprise you! Check out this episode's contestants and test your knowledge along the way.