Impacting Generations

Impacting Generations

Impacting Generations
  • Impacting Generations | Trailer

  • A Peek at the 2019 Impact Convention!

    Check out this exciting recap from the 2019 IMPACT Convention! Get an inside look at the powerful speakers and dynamic sessions.

  • When Faith Knocks Out Fear - Part 1 | Bishop John Francis

    (Part 1) Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Watch Bishop John Francis in this uplifting message where he explains that faith is the solution to a troubled heart.

    (From the 2019 IMPACT Convention)

  • When Faith Knocks Out Fear - Part 2 | Bishop John Francis

    (Part 2) Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Watch Bishop John Francis in this uplifting message where he explains that faith is the solution to a troubled heart.

    (From the 2019 IMPACT Convention)

  • Double Harvest | Dr. Jasmin Sculark

    Naomi and Ruth arrived in Bethlehem at the start of the barley harvest and ultimately harvested wheat as well. In this powerful and prophetic message, Dr. Jasmin Sculark decrees that just as Naomi and Ruth received double, a two-fold harvest is in store for us!

    (From the 2019 IMPACT Convention)

  • The Unclean Spirit With Purpose | Rev. Eastwood Anaba

    Rev. Eastwood Anaba pulls from Luke 11:21-26 as he urges believers to be more convicted in their faith in order to give rise to a revival.

    (From the 2019 IMPACT Convention)

  • They Will Change Their Minds | Bishop John Francis

    The problem is not what you've gone through, it is what people think about you after you have gone through it. Bishop John Francis uses Acts 28 to inspire listeners by reminding us that God will prove the naysayers wrong.

    (From the 2019 IMPACT Convention)


  • The Principles of the Kingdom | Pastor Jessica Kayanja

    Jessica Kayanja kicks off Impact 2018 with a powerful sermon about the significance of fundamentals. There is no way that you are going to impact generations without having the principles of God as the foundation of your life.

  • A Commanded Blessing | Bishop Michael Pitts

    God has the power to move you from chaos into the good life and from the good life into a blessed life. Watch Bishop Michael Pitts as he walks through the commanded blessings upon your life and proclaims an anointing for acceleration.

    (From the 2018 IMPACT Convention)

  • Job | Rev. Eastwood Anaba

    People often forget that those who are impactful in this world are not without scars. Those we admire and look up to are not perfect, but have endured their fare share of trials. And likewise, your scars do not disqualify you from impacting generations.

    (From the 2018 IMPACT Convention)

  • Pursue and Thou Shall Surely Overtake - Part 2 | Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng

    (Part 2) God gave David permission to recover all that his enemies took from him, even though he only asked God if he could pursue and overtake them. Get ready because God is going to blow your mind by giving you solutions you did not ask for! As believers, we don't have to wait for the devil to...

  • Pursue and Thou Shall Surely Overtake - Part 1 | Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng

    Watch Prophet Kusi Boateng uplift us with the truth that we have the authority and power to reclaim everything that the enemy has stolen!

    (From the 2018 IMPACT Convention)

  • Restoration of the Church | Bishop Jackie McCullough

    Bishop Jackie McCullough urges the church not to crave acceptance from the "big leagues" in the world but to depend on the finished work of Christ. We must be restored to a fellowship that is pleasing to God!

    (From the 2018 IMPACT Convention)

  • Divine Audacity - Grand Finale | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    This powerful message from Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams marked the end of the 2018 IMPACT convention. He declares the ability to face what we dared not face in the past and also anoints the women who are pastors and reverends! Tune into this dynamic closing service.

  • Positioning the Oil | Rev. Eastwood Anaba

    Where do you sit with your anointing? Rev. Eastwood Anaba teaches that our anointing has to be relevant both inside and outside the church. We are called to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth!

    (From the 2018 IMPACT Convention)

  • Audacious Antagonism | Rev. Eastwood Anaba

    Not all of the blessings of God for your life are for you. Your blessings can become a blessing to others if you let them! The needs of people out to concern you and move you to action.

    (From the 2018 IMPACT Convention)

  • Making God the Center of Your Life | Bishop Jackie McCullough

    Bishop Jackie McCullough reminds us of our place in the body of Christ, emphasizing on the importance of putting Jesus at the forefront of everything. Believers ought to be intentional and methodical in our persistent search for and devotion to God.

    (From the 2018 IMPACT Convention)

  • Preemptive Prayers | Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng

    Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng leads a powerful session of prayer and worship, lifting up thanks and glory to God for delivering us from evil.

    (From the 2018 IMPACT Convention)

  • Impacting Generations | Bishop Michael Pitts

    Jesus' death gave birth to a new kind of people. The new generations are not dead, but they are in fact asleep and need to be awakened. It is time to get up, because your moment is here! Bishop Michael Pitts delivers a life-changing sermon at the 2018 IMPACT Convention.

  • Stretch For Your Acceleration | Bishop Michael Pitts

    New wineskins are necessary because old wineskins cannot stretch. In order for something new to happen, we need to embrace change. We need to stretch in order to accelerate! Be empowered by this powerful message from Bishop Michael Pitts at the 2018 IMPACT Convention.

  • Minister Judith Gayle Performs Live at IMPACT 2018

    Minister Judith Gayle accompanied by the Action Chapel Mass Choir ministers gracefully on the first night of Impact 2018 with powerful songs like "JESUS" and "Stay With God"!

  • Impact the next generation | Rev. Eastwood Anaba

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams led the congregation in fervent prayers. Afterward, Rev. Eastwood Anaba preaches about how to dwell with the enemy and impact the next generation and generations yet unborn.

  • Thanksgiving Night on Impact 2018

    The Grand Finale of Impact 2018 was an immense success as Minister Judith Gayle, Minister Diana Asamoah, Minister Ella, Minister Eben of Nigeria and the Action Chapel Mass Choir minister to the Lord.