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Go Ghana
  • Go Ghana! | Trailer

  • The Castles | Go Ghana!

    Have you ever heard the stories of the castles? They hold so much unforgettable history! From slave ports to government seats and now major tourism attractions, there is much to learn. Join Jared as he visits the historical landmark of Elmina in this episode of Go Ghana!

  • The Art Market | Go Ghana!

    Some of Accra and Ghana's best kept secrets are in the Art Market. We'll let you in on them! Just watch as Jared takes his tour.

  • The Accra Shopping Scene | Go Ghana!

    Jared and Emmy award-winning talk show host Michelle McKinney-Hammond hit the shopping scene in downtown Accra. Check out some of the best places to shop, meet the business owners, and even see how some pieces are made!

  • Cape Coast | Go Ghana!

    Tag along with Jared as he explores Cape Coast, the capital of the Gold Coast before Accra came around. Get a sneak peek into major attractions like Kakum National Park and more!

  • Coconut Grove | Go Ghana!

    In this episode of Go Ghana! Jared visits the historic Central Region of Ghana. Take a look at the well-known beach resort, Coconut Grove.

  • Mankessim | Go Ghana!

    Look around the beautiful, old town of Mankessim just outside of Accra. Mankessim is known as the traditional home of the Fante people and is rich with history of Ghanaian people! Plus, Jared makes a few stops along the way.

  • Independence Day | Go Ghana!

    What do you know about 6th March in Ghana? What Jared shares in this episode of Go Ghana! might surprise you.

  • All About the Gold Coast | Go Ghana!

    Follow Go Ghana! host Jared around Accra to experience the people, food, and culture of Ghana.