Global Prayer Works 2020 - Finish The Year Strong!

  • Only The blood of Jesus Can Save Your Life - Archbishop Duncan Williams

    Be marked by the Blood of the Lamb so when the enemy sees you, he will pass over your gate. Plead the Blood of God for peace on earth. These are the times to have compassion for each other and pray for Mercy.

    This is a powerful ministration by Archbishop Duncan Williams during the Global Prayer ...

  • Only God's Agenda Matters - Archbishop Duncan Williams

    You are either an intercessor or an accuser. In these current times where the angel of death has been released to spread destruction, fear, and doubt among us - we need to come together and intercede for one another. No one is safe until everyone is Safe.

    This is a powerful ministration by Arch...

  • If God Came Today - Would He Find Faith In You? - Apostle Chuck Pierce

    This year is the beginning of a new era - an era of prosperity. Ask God for a new identity. It is time to shift your mindset and allow God to bless you beyond expectations.
    This is also the year of the open mouth - so before this year ends - decree abundance over your life and it shall be so!


  • God Is Doing Something New In Your life - Rev Eastwood Anaba

    Everything you have lost during this global pandemic will be restored in your life. Claim your Jubilee - for it is coming this year no matter what!

    This is a powerful ministration by Reverend Eastwood Anaba
    during Global Prayer Works Summit in August 2020, hosted by Archbishop Duncan Williams i...

  • Praying From A Position Of Power - Pastor Gregory Toussaint

    The world is going through a very confusing turmoil right now and that state may cause fear and doubt. You may feel completely uncertain about the future but do not let the enemy shake your faith.
    Pray - not because you are scared but because you know that God is about to turn the impossible int...

  • God Is Up To Something In your Life - Reverend David Antwi

    The greatest men in the Bible experienced a breakthrough when they called upon the Mighty Name of The Lord. It is, in these unprecedented times, that we must pray like never before.
    For it may look grey - but God is up to something.

    This is a powerful ministration by Reverend David Antwi

  • You Must Boldly Ask For What You Want - Bishop Jackie McCullough

    Ask in humility, ask for wisdom, and put yourself in a position to receive what you asked for. Sometimes we want things from God but our hearts are not pure, we have not forgiven our neighbours, we are holding on to our sins, we are exhibiting selfishness.
    May we put ourselves in a position to re...