Fueled by Faith

Fueled by Faith

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Fueled by Faith
  • Fueled by Faith -- Tobi Alabi

    A former footballer and entrepreneur who almost died playing the game he loved. As the child of pastors, he went through phases including dark ones and found his calling to God when his heart stopped while playing football.

  • Fueled by Faith -- Jeanette Kwakye

    She is a retired British sprinter who is a 3-time British champion. Her story is about challenges and overcoming them.

  • Fueled by Fath -- Chris Hughton

    An acclaimed Irish footballer, he became the first black person to play for Ireland. He moved into management as one of the first black managers to hold a regular spot in Premier League management. He talks about his African roots and how more black and African players and managers can change the...

  • Fueled by Faith -- Isha Johansen

    Isha Tejan-Cole Johansen is a Sierra Leonean entrepreneur and the current president of the Sierra Leone Football Association. She tells her story of how she rose through football to become the top executive in Sierra Leone

  • Fueled by Faith -- Sébastien Bassong

    In the episode, Sébastien Bassong speaks about the weight of responsibility as a successful African in the diaspora. He also shares a bit about his background and journey to the big leagues in football.