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Ambassador Jendayi Frazer - Part 1 | Inspire



  • Ambassador Jendayi Frazer - Part 2 | ...

    (Part 2) Ambassador Jendayi Frazer has served as the Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs, a United States Ambassador for South Africa, and a professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Ambassador Frazer is also an author and contributor to several publications. Listen as she talks ...

  • INSPIRE- Janeen Uzell

    Janeen Uzzell is a transformational leader, people developer, strategist, and emerging markets expert. She is the head of Women in Technology for GE and former Director of Healthcare Programs for GE in Africa.

  • Dr. Oby Ezekweli | Inspire

    This episode of Inspire features the extraordinary Dr. Oby Ezekweli. She is the co-founder of the global collection group Transparency International and founder of the "Bring Back Our Girls" campaign. Dr. Ezekweli is the former Vice President of the World Bank Africa Bureau and has served as both...