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Action Chapel International Live
  • It Is Finished | Bishop Dick Essandoh

    When Jesus paid the price for our redemption in full on the cross, He uttered the words, "It is finished." He completed a work and fulfilled His assignment on this earth. Today, we too are called to complete everything that God requires of us and finish to finish our God-given purpose.

  • Resurrection Sunday | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    In this powerful Easter message, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams emphasizes the importance of not being judgmental. As believers, we ought to be gracious enough to forgive others, remembering the fact that God did not give up on us.

  • Supernatural Provision | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams teaches that supernatural provision is given to those who serve God, and seeking to fulfill His mandate and purpose above all else. When you steward the talents, gifts, and possessions that God has given you well, it enables you to live according to His plans f...

  • What It Means To Know God | Bishop Kibbi Otoo

    Knowing God is more than just knowing about Him. Bishop Otoo explains that knowing God means to have a personal relationship, revelation and covenant with Him. Tune into this powerful message and be encouraged to dive deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ!

  • Knowing God By His Different Names | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Your revelation of God determines your belief in what He can do for you. When you know God as a healer, you will be able to believe in His healing power. When you know God as a provider, you will be able to receive His provision. It is time that you get to know the many names of our magnificent G...

  • You Don't Belong to Yourself | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Jesus paid a price for us on the cross when His blood was shed. Because of this exchange, we are the property of God! Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams breaks down that concept that God does not owe us anything, but we owe Him everything. Our lives belong to Him, and we must live for Him!

  • The First Move Advantage - Part 1 | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Being able to recognize the prompts of the Holy Spirit is an important trait. When you are spiritually sensitive you can identify when to make a move, even if it means breaking the protocol that people are used to.

  • The First Move Advantage - Part 2 | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Those who have a spiritual understanding of the seasons and times on earth have an advantage over those who do not. Watch this enlightening sermon from Bishop Obodai to gain insight on the value of recognizing the right moment to make a move.

  • Building Wholesome Relationships | Bishop Ebenezer Obodai

    The Christian walk is driven by relationships, as we relate with both God and people. God created us to be in community with one another, and Bishop Obodai teaches that the gifts we have been given are for the benefit of others, not just ourselves.

  • The Importance of Fasting | Bishop Ebenezer Obodai

    Many people assume that fasting is synonymous with starvation, thirst or hunger. However this is far from the truth, for prayer and fasting are both divine protocols. Watch this enlightening sermon from Bishop Ebenezer Obodai to learn just what fasting is and the benefits of incorporating it int...

  • Relationships in the Church | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams addresses the problems that plague relationships in the church. He touches on some of the misconceptions and expectations we have of the church, which is often the root of feelings of offense and disappointment.

  • I Trust You (Do Not Be Isolated) | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Distrust leads to isolation, and isolation leads to elimination. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams explains that we need not require others to earn our trust before we trust them. The devil uses seeds of distrust as a weapon because he knows that we need each other to survive.

  • Back to the Cross | Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

    Do you live your life to imitate Christ or do you live to look good in the eyes of men? Jesus is the origin of Christianity and we are obligated to be committed to following Him. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams encourages us to be conscious of God instead of the opinions of our peers.

  • It is time for you to Lead | Rev Eastwood Anaba

    Rev. Eastwood Anaba once again delivered a supernatural sermon on the Sunday of Impact and prayed for all the newly licensed pastors and ordained reverends on the 7th Day of Impact. He continued with his message on Job and was an immense blessing to all who heard.